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By buying a One-Time Tool, you will own a limited run, precisely machined tool that will make you the envy of all your woodworking friends and a tool that will be used for generations. Most woodworkers would agree that it’s not possible to be too accurate when you’re laying out joinery or marking the location of cabinet hardware.
If you missed the original production run in 2010, here’s another chance to add these popular high quality American made tools to your workshop. We had the opportunity to talk with Richard Hummel, President of Woodpeckers® Precision Woodworking Tools and discuss the One-Time Tool Program at the Woodcraft Vendor Trade Show 2012.
Check in often for the new tool additions from Woodpeckers One-Time Tool offerings right here at Woodcraft. Last offered in May of 2012, these oversized Precision Woodworking Squares have grown in popularity as the go-to tool for setting up Festool MFT systems, layout and verification of cabinetry components and the ideal square for working with sheet goods.

From a size stand point, the closest similar tool is a common framing square, which is probably the most frequently used square in many wood shops. These Precision Woodworking Squares are available in two sizes, 26 x 16 and 18 x 12 inches with engraved inch or metric scales. The innovation, quality, and careful engineering that goes in to manufacturing Woodpecker tools is what makes these tools the best in the industry.
But unlike the thin, stamped squares many of us have, these new Precision Woodworking Squares are bigger, thicker, much more accurate and easier to use.
As is the case with all of our OneTime Tools, we will not charge you until the order is ready to ship (expect Paypal). They also manufacture router lifts, router fences, measuring and layout tools, and many useful accessories.

Woodpeckers T-Squares are truly innovative layout tools designed to eliminate the errors you can easily commit by measuring and marking strictly by eye.
In fact this year we're offering a set where both sizes are contained in the same case to save wall space while still protecting the tools.

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