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I’m sure after reading all about my evenings and mornings hanging on the swinging bed, you are more eager then ever to build one for your own enjoyment. Everything was gorgeous, we were fairly protected from bugs, the swing was not red (yay), and no one had fallen down and hurt themselves. So when we last left off you had your bed built, and the frame built and stabilized with cross beams.
We also added some mulch beneath the swing- we went with Cedar because it is a natural bug repellant…which is a GOOD thing for me!! 10 remarkable DIY cleaning solutions: miracle stain remover, dirty oven racks, super shower cleaner, the better oxy-cleaner, clean glass showers, wrinkle release spray, ink stains, carpet stain remover, magic dishwasher cleaner, remove armpit stains.

This sleeping porch is designed for a camping-like experience for summer nights at the lake. My fascination with swing beds goes way back, here is a previous post with more swing bed ideas!
While that probably will last awhile, chain presents a couple of issues: pinching, rusting, noise, and no flexibility meaning a very firm base for the bed.
I’m thinking about building a hanging bed for my backyard deck, so I went out in search of inspiration. I’m not even going to be able to sleep without dreaming of the awesomeness which is this rope-wrapped bed rail.

If you want the look of a swing bed without the actual swing and without worrying about the rope pulling free or breaking, then this idea is for you! While not technically a swing bed, what a great looking room and fun for three boys to share.
I have black walls in my dining room, I can't wait to try one black accent wall in my bedroom.

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