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These miscellaneous equipment plans will add some flair and variety to your backyard playground.
This plan collection will get your kids off the couch and out playing in the fresh air, sunshine and poison ivy of your backyard! There are plenty of different playhouses and backyard playground sets to choose from in the stores today, but sometimes it is actually better to build this kind of thing on your own by following a detailed set of plans. Building a playset is easier than you might think and can be completed in a single weekend if you have enough people to help out. Creativity is key when building a playset, so let your imagination run wild when making your own! If you do not have a lot of space or money to work with on your custom playset, then you may want to look into the tire swing.
We have a great selection of plans from Plan-it-play and other accessories to complete your playset.

These plans elaborate on how to add a climbing wall structure to the fort above, which reminds me of a treehouse, minus the tree. Check out this fort made with girls in mind, featuring a stylish front porch area and a feminine touch that most playsets lack. A unique twist on the normal four post playset, this structure resembles a firehouse, which is sure to get your kids’ imaginations going. This entry was posted in Blog, Do It Yourself Kits and Plans, Planning and construction, Resources and tagged backyard playhouse, build your own, diy, diy playset, playset instructions, playset plans, swing set, treehouse. This ferris wheel type of playset features four spots for your kids to sit in, and a design that takes safety into account, which is a good thing! Once the main section of the playset is complete, you will then be able to add a separate beam that stretches out to another triangular base. We also carry a full line of Plan-it-Play products that includes DIY kits to build your own swingset, fort, along with all the fun add-ons you could want.

This plan by is very well documented, and could easily be extended to include a number of optional accessories and features. This plan, while very basic, offers at least a basic foundation to start with along with plenty of exciting splinters to keep you on your toes.
With these resources, you should be able to pull together a great playset for your children. Once the general frame of the swing set is up, you will then want to add the railing for the platform portion of the playset.
We took some time to scour the web for some of the best plans that you can use to build the perfect, customized playset for your children.

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