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Making a platform bird feeder can be an affordable and easy project to invite birds into your yard.
2Attach the 1-inch thick edge of the two, 10-inch strips of wood along the remaining edges of the plywood so the four strips form a border. 4Cut the post to the desired height, then mount the platform on the 4-by-4 post by driving four screws through the center of the platform into the top of the post. If you would rather hang your bird feeder you can attach four equal length chains through each of the holes in the corners of the platform.

There are a variety of styles and mounting options for this type of bird feeder and an even greater variety of birds that can be fed with it.
Put the end of the post opposite the bird feeder into the hole and back fill, packing the dirt tightly around the post. You can decide whether you want to accentuate your platform with a roof and windows once you have these basic steps completed. Pull the ends of the chains together above the platform and use an S-hook to hang the bird feeder.

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