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If you make it and doesn’t quite a point the edge of the blades you might need but got my Planer knife sharpener sale firstly planer and fuck glad I saw this jig will axerophthol convenient and light method for sharpening your planer. I have owned my Makita Blade Sharpener for over twenty years and I highly recommend purchasing one of your own.
For many years I had my knives sharpened by a sharpening service, which usually meant I would go way too long with dull knives before dealing with it.
The problem that I have is that I just can’t get the jointer or planer blade to sharpen straight.
First, I’ve reviewed the PDF at HWW, and I understand that you want the stone to eventually develop a slight slope along the radius on the right side so that you are sharpening along the entire right side, hopefully. It seems to me, with a manually controlled carriage holding the blade against the stone, any variance in pace, any hiccups in the smooth movement of the carriage will result in slight inconsistency of grind. And though I haven't used an automatic grinder (which is what I meant by 'computerized'), when researching a grinder purchase for my super surfacer, the people in Japan I dealt with told me that the automatic grinders gave better results than the manual ones for those machines. I actually got the sanctioned idea for the planing machine knife Free Round Picnic Table Plans Pdf jig from a powder store respective age ago though that recommended. There are two more 10 minute videos to come that talk about reinstalling planer joiner knives and then using them to dimensionalize a board. I also have some videos on sharpening chisels, plane irons and scrapers you might enjoy that I hope to post next month. Like I said in the videos, when I first started I used way too much water and was usually soaked at the end of a sharpening session.
Watch my Blade Sharpening For Milling Lumber and Makita Blade Sharpener 9820-2 series to see everything I’ve learned over the years. Then I have several videos awaiting editing on sharpening chisels, plane irons and scrapers that I think you might like. The vast majority of woodworkers avoid sharpening like the plague, it would appear, whether it be hand tools or machine blades and knives, and thus only a tiny number, it seems to me, might approach some level of perfection with rudimentary equipment.
I've also experienced poor results from local sharpening shops, so I have converted most of my equipment to quick change knives partly in response to that -and for other reasons too.
Perhaps you were assuming I was 'one of those guys' who 'look down on' people with non-programmable machinery.

The Tormek Way Sharpening antiophthalmic factor planer blade in the SVH 320 The primal phrase when sharpening the Tormek way of life is repeatability. That is a really versatile machine but really takes the operator’s touch and feel to produce the desired result. Also, with any grinding machine, a stouter frame and carriage will tend to work better than a lighter duty machine - the OP was talking about a consumer grade jobsite grinder, and I was making the point that it is not the best tool for the job. Minimal metal removal in minimal time, using machines and tools that are reasonably priced, very simple and reliable is a priority. The lesson of sharpening tools is to not let unobtainable perfection be the enemy of good solid function that allows us to complete our cutting tasks. However the dilemma, at least to me, is how the blade should be supported by the tool rest. Cost is a variable where a very expensive automatic machine with good set up tooling may allow cheap button pushers to do the work and still obtain results as good as an experienced perfectionist with a less expensive set up. I've used old woodworking machines from the 1940's and so forth, and have much newer equipment now. This heavy duty planer knife jig assembly allows the accurate honing of all types of blades from plane irons and chisels to planer knives up to 12" in length. I was responding to someone stating that a plastic job site grinder was doing a better job than their local sharpening service, which I found appalling. Made from a high quality casting the support bed for the jig features a micro adjust system that allows the bed to be set to any angle for the precise sharpening of bevelled blades. Handled blades such and chisels and hand plane blades are held directly against the support bed when sharpening. People still hand scrape machines when the ultimate matters because cnc can only get so close. Personally, I sharpen hand tools a lot, however I do not bother sharpening carbide or planer blades, router bits, etc., manually.
Indium use Bee tranquillise sells This dry guinea pig Knife Planer knife sharpener hero is paragon for sharpening airplane and recollective plane knives. My pa has one of these gimcrack and rude looking planer knife sharpening machines that helium bought from engaged Bee tools years ago.

Perhaps you can send me a couple pics of the knives and the problem you are having and what type of machine they go in. But in your situation, where the choice is a little extra care shifting the blade in the carrier, or waiting with no blades.
I have a hard time imagining why a commercial sharpening business would purchase the plastic bodied unit. The key is the deuce establishment Free Round Picnic Table Plans Pdf blade holders inset into the hardwood. After twenty plus years of use, other than the wheel wearing away, the cracked housing on my machine is all that is wrong with it. I also make my living from working wood so if I were to tackle sharpening, say, my super surfacer knives, I would much prefer to obtain an automated grinder so I can have it grind the blade to a high standard while I work on other stuff. Starting off with my planer and jointer knives at their sharpest always sets the right tone.
Measuring 14" long, the bed allows the blade jig a wide scope of lateral movement whilst remaining fully supported for absolute sharpening accuracy. Perhaps where you live many of the woodworkers are sharpening perfectionists, i don't know. The way I produce these single facets on planer knives, jointer knives, chisels and plane irons makes secondary bevels unnecessary.
Featuring a four point blade positioning system, the jointer blade jig keeps the blade perfectly parallel and a three point clamping mechanism ensures clamping force is equal across the blade to prevent the blade moving during the sharpening process. So I put the machine up high so I don’t have to stoop over and wear a flip down magnifying setup so I can make my hands control what my brain sees. If someone was writing that their shoebox planer was doing a better job than the equipment at a local professional woodworking shop I guess I would be a little appalled at that as well. I did a sharpening series for chisels and plane irons where I used the 9820 and course 120 wheel to reset bevel angles both freehand and with an accessory jig.

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