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Minimal metal removal in minimal time, using machines and tools that are reasonably priced, very simple and reliable is a priority.
The lesson of sharpening tools is to not let unobtainable perfection be the enemy of good solid function that allows us to complete our cutting tasks. I know from personal experience that less then optimally sharp tools wastes time and money. EXAMPLE: On a huge job using long leaf pine I had to pull, sharpen and reinstall my knives four times in one day on several occasions. I have owned my Makita Blade Sharpener for over twenty years and I highly recommend purchasing one of your own.
For many years I had my knives sharpened by a sharpening service, which usually meant I would go way too long with dull knives before dealing with it. The problem that I have is that I just can’t get the jointer or planer blade to sharpen straight.
First, I’ve reviewed the PDF at HWW, and I understand that you want the stone to eventually develop a slight slope along the radius on the right side so that you are sharpening along the entire right side, hopefully.
However the dilemma, at least to me, is how the blade should be supported by the tool rest.

Or, you can have the entire tool holder supported by the tool rest, which is what it appears that you do in your video. Just recently purchased a Makida sharpener and came across your website after reading the directions that came with the unit (and wanting to know more). Starting off with my planer and jointer knives at their sharpest always sets the right tone. There are two more 10 minute videos to come that talk about reinstalling planer joiner knives and then using them to dimensionalize a board.
I also have some videos on sharpening chisels, plane irons and scrapers you might enjoy that I hope to post next month. Like I said in the videos, when I first started I used way too much water and was usually soaked at the end of a sharpening session. Watch my Blade Sharpening For Milling Lumber and Makita Blade Sharpener 9820-2 series to see everything I’ve learned over the years. Then I have several videos awaiting editing on sharpening chisels, plane irons and scrapers that I think you might like. But in your situation, where the choice is a little extra care shifting the blade in the carrier, or waiting with no blades.

I have developed a simple and foolproof low tech repeatable method for anyone to put a razor sharp durable edge on their woodworking tool.
I do think that if you practiced a little more you could learn to sharpen your lathe knives on the 9820.
I don’t care for hollow ground edges on any tools except lathe tools sharpened on the bench grinder. The way I produce these single facets on planer knives, jointer knives, chisels and plane irons makes secondary bevels unnecessary.
I did a sharpening series for chisels and plane irons where I used the 9820 and course 120 wheel to reset bevel angles both freehand and with an accessory jig.

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