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Whatever the planing task before you or the type of plane to be used, there are some constants. Most planes work best two-handed, with the left hand guiding the plane at the front, the right driving from the rear.
The iron must be set to plane very fine shavings (thicker shavings will tend to tear the grain).
There you are, just you and, say, a molding plane, standing over a board fixed in place on the workbench.

The longer the plane, the less it will exaggerate any existing troughs and crests cut into the edge. For hardwoods, begin by planing diagonally to the grain, perhaps at a forty-five- degree angle, more with some hardwoods.
Use a long-soled bench plane like a jack or, for a large workpiece such as a tabletop, a jointer plane. If the plane you are using has a depth stop, work until it contacts the workpiece and stops the planing.

Before pushing the tool along the length of the board, apply some pressure at the front of the plane to be sure the sole sits flush to the piece (rather than on an incline, with the toe lifted above the piece).
Likewise, be sure the heel sits flush to the board as the plane reaches the end of the planing stroke, shifting some of your weight to the back of the tool.

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