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On three sides of pergola, flowers and other ever green plants are grown, then this house front gazebo will give wonderful look and it will also add to the beauty and elegance of the house.
Lights can be arranged with these house front pergolas so light at night time to give the luminous sight at night time and add attraction of the house. The people can also construct 10 x 20 pergola against the house in front of the swimming pool so that they can take some rest after swimming and enjoy in their free time.

On the back side the pergola can be closed with the artistic work of wood and let three sides open to give broad picturesque of the house. On the lower side of pergola designs, the wood work is done and on the upper side, beautiful arches are made and paint them with the bright and attractive colors.
House front pergola with the 10 x 20 measurement can be housed with wooden furniture or fabric work over the furniture.

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