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Trailers ReviewsCustomer Reviews for FREE SHIPPING - Northern Industrial Heavy-Duty Trailer with 5.30-12in. So, I got this trailer kit and put it together without any trouble, got it licensed, towed the frame to the lumber-yard for some boards and bolts and what-all, made a nice deck and removable rails, and life is good.
Overall, i would have no problems ordering another one of these trailers to use for light duty use. I'm going down to a real trailer dealer today to see if theres anything shitty and gay like that but with a 13" tire because I also don't think I would trust those little tires much.

My dad made a cool little Bike trailer out of a John boat trailer he got for free and some C-Channel steel my Grandfather had laying around. Two things that to be aware of:1) You will need more tools than the 3 or 4 that are mentioned at the beginning of the instruction manual. I was looking at them at lowes and couldn't find any speed rating on the tires there or the trailer either. Safety chains and lights with wiring harness connect to your vehicle to ensure trailer safety on the road, even in dark or rainy conditions.

I would suggest a basic socket set and a basic box end set.2) No where in the instructions does it tell you to square up the trailer. The new car is small, so any trailer weight cuts into the load I can carry, and this is lighter than anything else I could find of a comparable size.

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