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This would be an ideal project for anyone interested in working their way deeper into the subject of Japanese woodworking tools. An excellent source for all aspects of Japanese tools and their use is Toshio Odate’s book: Japanese Woodworking Tools! The kit includes a block of White Oak, 272 x 83 x 35 mm big, a laminated steel plane iron 65 mm wide and 6 - 9 mm thick, a chip breaker and a 74 mm long and 4 mm thick steel rod that is used in the finished plane to hold the chip breaker in place.

Making the body of a Japanese plane essentially consists of taking a block of wood and cutting out the support for the iron assembly and the mouth. But it must be said that in this case what looks very simple in fact requires very precise hand work to end up with a plane that works properly and can take the finest shavings and produce a perfectly finished surface. We cannot recommend it enough, especially for a project like this one as there is a chapter in the book that describes how to make a traditional Japanese plane body.

But building your own tools is an interesting experience and this an excellent project for learning or improving various woodworking skills.

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