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Find an inexpensive bookshelf at your local Goodwill and paint it any color you like and then if you like add a fun background with wrapping paper or scrapbook paper if you want a more fun look. If you don't want to go the store bought route for the cake (or cupcakes) you can follow this great video tutorial on how to make yourself an Elmo, Oscar and Cookie monster with just a few decorating ingredients. Tip of the day: Go to Target or Wal-Mart and buy one of these over-the-door shoe racks for about $20. During my online travels recently, I thought it would be interesting to search the world’s sites and see what interesting, unusual and unique ways I could find for storing my wine.
Ideas range from inexpensive storage methods to those which work for the simplistic home; from homemade storage racks to the most elaborate ideas you could find. If your space is limited or if you just like the simplistic look to your home furnishings, then look no further. For the more artistic person who also likes the look of simplicity, this is the wine rack for you. This section features smart storage solutions for your homemade wine which is suitable for just about every home budget.

This particular wine bottle storage facility is made from large tree trunks which have been treated and varnished and then drilled with holes large enough to hold your bottles of delicious wine you have made at home with your own fair hands. Flickr pool member Yankees251 decided he didn’t want to cough up $300 for a wine rack kit, so he built his own instead. This is a great idea for those who just need to store a few bottles and wine bottles are so decorative that you can hang them in the kitchen or dining room and give the room decor a little lift.
This is a great idea for those who just need to store a few bottles and wine bottles are so decorative that you can hang them in the kitchen or dining room and give the room décor a little lift. You can give them 5 bottles of wine each with a poem for firsts: champagne for first married night, red wine for first fight, white wine for first Christmas eve, Rose for first anniversary and sparkling apple juice cider for first baby!
These tubes are then supported under a shelf to ensure that the bottles are supported fully.
No need to – with this wine bottle and glass storage chair from the After 6 Design Studio, you no longer need to get up to enjoy a glass of wine – just store your favorite bottles and your best glasses within the confines of the chair and you are good to go.
You can take care of all your store needs yourself by transforming and combining Ikea products to get what you need.

If you want, you can label the shelves or just leave them blank so you can add whatever wine you want.
You just need a couple (or however many you want) of wooden crates that you paint or stain to match your existing décor. It features eight loops which are lined to securely hold your precious bottles of homemade wine in a horizontal fashion which allows the corks to stay moist during storage. If you save enough money making homemade wine, you might just be able to afford this after awhile. Included are a total of four variations of the font title used, so that you can go with your favorite or mix it up with a few different choices.

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