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The Samsung tablet running the Windows 8 Developer Preview that Microsoft gave out to BUILD 2011 attendees is on eBay and other classified sites for over a thousand dollars, but if you want to experience Windows 8's interface on a tablet instead of with a keyboard and mouse, ExtremeTech has a guide to building your own with easily available tablets that you can buy anywhere at more modest prices. Essentially, almost any tablet on the market running Windows 7 now will do the trick, although ExtremeTech has some specific suggestions for tablets you may want that will offer the right balance of price to performance once you install Windows 8. Although CES didn't exactly signal the advent of Windows 8, the touchscreen-centric OS is definitely on quite a few developers' minds. As shown over at Instructables, one tech-savvy modder turned an old-looking Toshiba laptop into a working Windows 8 tablet with little more than a screwdriver, tape, some glue, and a couple small planks of wood to give everything some breathing room. While other YouTube videos have popped up with footage of people using "do-it-yourself" Windows 8 tablets, this one is fairly straightforward about the building process, and isn't overladen with subtitles in neon font colors or loud dance music. By submitting your email address you are consenting to receive email notifications from IDG. The steps to installing Windows 8 on a tablet are similar to installing Windows 8 on a laptop without an optical drive, but you'll also need an ISO mounting utility to get the install going.

Of course, until the complementing tablets finally come out of hiding, everyone else is left twiddling their thumbs. Keep in mind, you'll probably want some extra plastic on hand to cover-up the outer edges and make everything look neat and tidy. The important thing to know is that any semi-current Windows 7 tablet will do (and yes, you need Windows 7), and there are several with very reasonable price tags: the Acer Iconia W500 or Asus Eee PC T101MT convertible (both around $600) or the HP Slate 500 (about $700).
Once you're finished, you'll have your own Windows 8 tablet, and you don't have to complain about how the Metro UI interface is designed for touch-screens: you'll be able to try it yourself. But if you happen to have special access to the preview version of the system software, you can simply create your own Windows 8 tablet -- from spare parts, no less. Also, your mileage may vary slightly depending on the laptop you're using -- naturally, a faster machine will make for a better touchscreen experience and noticeably less lag. None of them are particularly fancy, nor do they measure up to the Samsungs Core i5 processor with 4GB of RAM, but each will get the job done.Keep in mind that minimum requirements for Windows 8 Developer Preview are the same as those for Windows 7.

Now open Explorer head to the folder where you saved your Windows 8 .ISO, right click it, and mount it.
Your DIY developer preview tablet might not have the same chutzpah that the official Samsung from Build does, but it also isnt going to drain your bank account and embarrass you on eBay.Let’s start with the slab itself. It is not all that great running windows 7 but when windows 8 gets put on it everything is smooth and efficient.
And when you have 320 GB HD it is really easy to dual boot windows 7 and 8 so you dont lose any applications that dont run on windows 8.

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