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Here we wanted to see how a layer of old weathered fence wood would look over the pine structure.  We were excited to see that it really tied in all to colors of the stone wall.
After we found the right height, we leveled a string from wall to wall, to use as a guide where the top of the mantel would go.  We also taped where the edge of the mantel would go for reference when we started drilling holes. We decided to stain it gray, incase any portion of the pine it showed through the joints of the weathered wood.  The images below show the sequence of the weathered wood installation.

This is how we decided to miter and wrap the corners.  We didn’t have enough wood to cover the top and bottom, but you don’t really see those very much (especially since it is stained to a similar grayish color)  and it makes the top easier to dust without getting slivers! Here is a link to our faux mantel that we built in Texas, just in case you didn’t get a chance to see it finished. We are very excited to finally have a house with a fireplace, we’ve always wanted one, but never had one (which is why we built this faux mantel before).

We actually bought a pre-fab mantel a year ago at a yard sale but have been researching how to install it forever and couldn’t find a set of concise instructions!

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