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Within the hosted organizations home screen select the “Mailbox Plans” item in the right side menu. A mailbox plan is a template that will define the characteristics and capabilities of a mailbox.
Once a mailbox plan is created it cannot be edited or modified other than deleting the plan and recreating it. If multiple mailbox plans are defined, one mailbox plan can be set as a default mailbox plan.
The form as such has two modes: Initially the “New User” mode is selected where the mailbox will be created for a new account. Select the “E-mail Addresses” tab to display and maintain the email address specific settings of this mailbox. To change the primary email address tick the box in front of the mailbox you like to make the primary email address and click the “Set As Primary” button. Select the “Mail Flow Setting” tab to display and maintain the mail flow regulating specific settings of this mailbox.
Select the “Mail Flow Setting” tab to display and maintain the permissions as applied to this mailbox.

To allow other persons full access to your mailbox click the “Add…” buttons and select the persons from the address list shown. Select the “Mobile Devices” tab to display and maintain the mobile devices that access this mailbox. The active sync policy defines a security policy to be applied to those devices that do use exchange active sync to synchronize their mailbox with their device. This setting specifies the number of past passwords that can be   stored in a user's mailbox.
An accepted domain will only work when this domain is registered with a DNS registrar and the name server records are pointing to your provider messaging platform where you host your mailboxes.
By selecting the default domain, the default domain name can be enforced when creating new users and mailboxes.
The amount of mailboxes is limited based on the hosting plan as well as the available storage. Templates that defined the mailbox size as well as the messaging capabilities, the template will be applied upon mailbox creation.
Organization owned SMTP domains for which email is accepted and which SMTP domain can be used in the definition of mailboxes, login names, aliases and distribution groups.

The values that can be used do depend on and cannot cross the boundaries set by the hosting plan.
Upon creation of a mailbox this plan will be presented as selected mailbox plan to be applied when creating a mailbox. Here is the option available to create 3 different types of mailboxes: User Mailbox, Room Mailbox or an Equipment Mailbox. Deleting a mailbox will not delete the user account, though the mailbox and its content will be deleted. Management of the distribution list takes place through the control panel , regardless of the selected management user. The latter are meant to create so-called resource mailboxes that can be used when scheduling meetings.

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