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I did not see any mention of adding grooves that will ride over the all thread to keep the shelves in place.
If you need to dramatically increase the spans between uprights, or really dramatically increase the load-carrying capacity (like to hold bricks), you could use 2x material, but it shouldn't usually be necessary. It needs to be just long enough to catch a couple of threads and snug down without punching out through the cap nut. End-users in places prone to earthquakes (or with small children or rambunctious pets) might be better served by shelves that are placed against a wall, so the shelves can be bolted to it.

Assembly couldn't be easier, and the pieces can be assembled to accommodate both short and tall books.Another modular system that's super-simple to assemble is the Airsquare, designed by Oliver Schick. The long & low bookcase from cool-D-sign is only 70 cm high, so it would work well under a window.
Low bookshelves are also good for young children, and we know that bookcases full of books are a good thing for kids.With a 14" square base, the Sapiens bookcase (or the very similar Array bookcase) fits into narrow spaces that other bookcases wouldn't. End-users agree it's very stable (although certainly not toddler-proof), and the ones I've spoken with love these bookcases—although some others have noted that a pet brushing against them gets the books out of alignment, which can be an annoyance.

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