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View DetailsNow you can EASY and AFFORDABLY build your own Murphy wall bed using this unique high quality Easy DIY Murphy Bed hardware kit. Our Wall Bed system is a lightweight, universal, structural steel bed frame with double overlap steel stiffeners. All sizes of the Wall Bed system include our heavy duty, universal, easy-operation lift mechanisms. Our Wall Bed Hardware Kit Includes All The Necessary Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Springs & Instructions Needed To Complete Your Wall Bed Unit. Our Murphy Bed Hardware Kit Includes All The Necessary Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Springs & Instructions Needed To Complete Your Murphy Bed Unit. We Also Provide Murphy Bed Designs, How To Build A Murphy Bed Layout, And Murphy Bed Sketches Included With Our Murphy Bed Hardware & Wall Bed Hardware Kits. Motivo Interiors NEWEST Murphy Bed Hardware & Mechanism now includes a white powder coated finish.

The Wall Bed Frame design is complete with our fold-away leg system and is designed to exceed the strength of wood or aluminum as well as residential and commercial specifications. Designed for every day use, this mechanism allows for varying spring combinations in order to balance all bed sizes Single through King, and creates easy fingertip operation.
Highly improved functionality and easy to install, our newest murphy bed mechanism is truly amazing.
Charlie Chaplin could not sleep a wink as the Murphy bed alternated between chewing him up and spitting him out.
Our Wall Bed frames are made for use with Single, Double, Queen, or King size beds and the versatility of the design gives the user the option to mount the frame in the vertical or horizontal mode. The number of springs you use may be increased or decreased depending on the weight of the mattress and other bedding.

These space savers are available from reliable sellers on eBay and provide a way to include an adult-size bed in a room with the convenience of folding it up into the wall.
A variety of bed sizes including full, queen, and king mattresses, can be paired with Murphy bed frames. Other units are self-contained and do not require a wall mount to operate, which is ideal if you would like to move the bed from room to room.

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