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The only reason I built this bed was because the room is so tiny (8x8 with small closet) it was very difficult for the kids to play, and then put their things away in a space the size of a short hallway. And I don't know how easy this bed was to build personally, all I can say is I printed off the plans and handed them to the Ram and Grandpa Tim and said, I'll be out after I finish my post. If you are building this loft bed without the stair platform, add 2x4s all the way down to make a "ladder" for the kids to climb up. Ana this just might top the clubhouse bed, love how Grace can play underneath in her new 'fort' just like my kids do under the clubhouse bed. I also made her some new curtains for her room and the play house.  They are coordinating patters, with all the colors from her room, in the fabric.
Under her bed is her play house.  I love that she has her own little play area down there and she and her friends have so much fun playing in it.

Filed Under: Decorating, Decorating, DIY, Kids, Most Popular, Our old home About the Author"Hi I'm Anna! I was planning to do the one with stair storage, but with parallel rails instead of perpendicular ones.
When you use our plans to build your child’s bed fort, you can build in space for homework and studying.
Depending on how you decorate and arrange the room, a loft bed can accommodate plenty of odds and ends you can’t find a space for otherwise.
And it never hurts to save a couple bucks while you’re at it.With our step-by-step bunk bed plans, you can bring a whole new look and feel to your home, all while saving on the cost of expensive pre-packaged sets.
Look through our plans and see what size loft bed is right for you and your child – the right fit could give you the freedom to declutter your home.Bunk today!A bunk bed is as fun as it is useful.

Also, have you thought about adding a shelf or two under the mid platform to add some storage space. Order one of our plans today, and see how a fort, loft or traditional bunk bed could improve your household from top to bottom. With our bed fort blueprints, it’s easy to give your child a unique experience that doubles as playtime and sleepy time. Plus, you won’t every have to worry about your child’s safety or comfort – our plans are developed to ensure a sturdy, comfortable base that can handle the wear and tear of an active youngster.Just take a look at any of our bed fort plans and you’ll see what we mean.

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