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These loft beds by Espace Loggia cut the clutter with clever touches like steps that double as storage, built-in desks and closet space underneath the bed. German company Paidi understands that your kid’s bedroom is not meant just for sleeping. This set features a Twin top loft bed and storage shelves and play area underneath the loft bed. When your kids are up and running, sturdy beds, good quality mattresses and box springs will give their growing body the support they need to rest comfortably, and the beds will survive the occasional kids’ monkey jumping. When choosing the right kids loft bed, there are a number of features to consider for kids lofts.
Purchasing a loft bed with a study area underneath or built-in desk is a great choice for your older teens and children who might have small room for extra chairs and a table to be placed elsewhere in their room. Majority of kids lofts come with in-built tents, tree houses, slides as well as castle towers.
Before you buy your loft bed, you need to ask yourself how your kid will be getting into as well as out of the loft. You may consider maximizing the space in your kid’s bedroom with a loft bed that has built-in storage space. If your kids share one bedroom, or your kid entertains visitors regularly, choose a loft with a bunk. Loft bed offer extra space, a workstation, storage space or a second bed added to the main bed. But we all know that decorating their rooms is just as big a responsibility, more so when two kids share the same room. If your space is limited, consider buying loft beds as they feature playing area underneath them, desks as well as storage area.

In fact, lofts can be very small areas which are just enough for a bed, or even have enough space for a few pieces of furniture.
When choosing your kid’s loft, understand his or her preferences in terms of hobby or color, but remember that he or she is growing; you may need to take that into consideration. If your kid like to have fun and requires a place to sleep and play, you should consider buying a play loft. Some beds come with stairs for safety purposes, while others use slides and ladders for added fun.
Some beds have drawers in each riser of their stairs leading up to the bed, while others have in-built chests of drawers and even shelves. They often include a trundle tucked under the loft or a small lofted bed from the main loft bed.
Most of loft beds are customizable, thus you can add as many features as you want depending on the available space. When either kid wants the bed to be decorated as per his or her wishes, and neither wants the other’s bed to overshadow his or hers, loft beds become a lifesaver. The bed has an attached ladder, an underneath tent for your little one to hide and a slide for that adventurous slide down, every morning. Cozy loft beds not only give your kids an area for sleeping, but also their very own private area. Curved stairs, a ladder and an underneath playhouse for a tea party with her friends- the bed has it all. Some have twin bed that are installed under the loft and works well in rooms with ceilings of at least eight feet high. Choosing the right kids loft bed can be the difference between a large space which is ignored as its unwelcoming and a small space which is enjoyed by the kids.

If you are looking for storage underneath the bed, then we would highly suggest a captain’s bed. The desks and the storage space underneath the actual bed make it easier for your kid to keep his or her books, computer and other things at an arm’s length, so they can just grab it. Your kid will love this out-of-the-box design and will not complain about having to stay in the bedroom.
Some loft beds can have an attached study table or a chest for storage books, clothes or toys. The company brings you beds with covered with play tents and other playing equipments, so kids can play with their beds. Following is a list of 10 such choices of loft beds that will help you in designing your kids’ room efficiently. Take a look at the items below so you can see some impressive loft bed designs.Loft in the Atticdu cote de chezvousMake use of the attic space by creating a mezzanine for this loft bed. Your kids would certainly be happy to have a bed like this where they can do their favorite hobbies.
You may also look into our tips in decorating kid’s bedroom to totally make your kids happy.

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