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Organiclear WR-5 is a premium exterior wood treatment that restores, preserves and enhances the natural beauty of your new or existing log home. Organiclearâ„¢ WR-5 Premium Wood Coating and Finishes are designed to meet the tough demands of log homes, i.e. To protect against skin irritation, you or your wood treatment contractor should always wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants and goggles.
Wood should be clean and dry, unpainted and free of all loose debris including loose bark, sawdust, mud, etc. Although a brand new deck or wood surface may look clean, it has dirt, mildew, waxy residues and mill glaze. Depending upon the method of application and the porosity, texture and dryness of the wood, allow 200 - 400 square feet per gallon. Wood surfaces may need to be retreated every 3 - 4 years or earlier depending on weather exposure. To enhance wood life further, the WR-5 provides maximum protection against ultraviolet (UV) radiation damage by combining sun blockers to absorb and control UV degradation, thus minimizing wood deterioration.

It is recommended that testing be done on an inconspicuous area or sample piece of wood prior to application to determine if color is satisfactory.
For best results, treat new wood QUICKLY (within two weeks of weather exposure) to avoid pre-weathering damage to wood surface.
All upward-facing checks and splits in the wood surface should be filled with an exterior wood filler.
Often the high speed planes not only plane the wood, but they crush the exterior wood fiber to create a very shiny lumber surface.
These products are designed to clean the deck, lower the pH, relieve the surface tension and help the wood to absorb the sealer or stain evenly.
All exposed log or timber ends should be coated several times until all wood pores are saturated. For investment security, the WR-5 penetrating coating will also prevent wood from cracking or peeling.
This protective coating brings out the natural grain beauty of the wood while preventing the wood from cracking and peeling.

WR-5 also produce premier results on wood siding, shakes and shingles, fences and outdoor furniture. Any unwanted stains, mildew, fungi or pre-weathering should be cleaned first with a power washer using one quart household bleach, one gallon of water and one pound of TSP-90 (available at your local hardware store) or non-ammoniated detergent. The crushed fibers do not let stain and seal coatings absorb properly, causing finish failure.
This assures maximum stain absorption, prevents flaking or scaling of the coating and leads to a longer lasting job without a splotchy look. WR-5 is the perfect choice for the full realm of wood protection your home needs to stand the test of time. Before applying stain to the entire home, test on a sample piece of log from your home to verify the color and look you want.

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