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How to make your own furniture appliques,building wood shelves for basement,garage workbench organization ideas - Videos Download>

Ormolu, isn’t the furniture decoration itself, but I have come to learn that it is a term that describes the finish used on metal to imitate gold. Many people are making furniture appliques popular again by using less expensive approaches. Carving appliques are time consuming and difficult, which makes wood appliques expensive, but well worth it.
Use appliques can be added on cabinet doors, between wall molding, above doorways, and on your doors. Polyurethane appliques can be very affordable, and give you the extra glamor that you see in the old world French and Swedish homes.
Watch a video of how easy this is at Alumilite- How To Make Rubber Molds, they step you through the process of making your own molds using their amazing mold putty, which you can then use with casting resins.

Use air-dry clay and fallen leaves to make mini bowls that are perfect for jewelry, keys, and other knick-knacks. French furniture, at this time, embraced the detail found in the baroque styles, which was often expressed through the wood carvings and bronze ormolu.
Gilt bronze is another term that bears no relation to the ormolu process, but can allude to gilt furniture appliques.
Wood appliques are hand carved, and perfect for furniture or cabinetry made from solid wood.
Wood appliques can be painted and can be stained to match any existing wood furniture or new project. Their instructional videos make it seem very easy compared to bake in the oven clays which are incredibly hard to soften up.

Your cured Amazing Casting Resin piece can be painted, stained, dyed, tapped, drilled and machined. The French influence brought showy furniture to the front stage, and it was admired around the world.  It was during the rococo era, where Europe embraced the use of gilt-bronze mounts, brass inlay and quintessential gilded enrichments that we all admire to this day.
The molds you make from mold builder can be used to cast paper, plaster, candle wax, soap, casting resin or casting epoxy.

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