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2lb Wood Loaf Mold: Locally made from Baltic Birch plywood the sides and base have a shallow groove notched out for a perfect tight fit. For the soap itself, you can either make it the old-fashioned way -- from scratch using essential oils, and natural ingredients from your garden -- or opt for simple melt-and-pour bases available online.
To help preserve soap or give as gifts, wrap your bars in cheesecloth (#125871) or brown masking paper (#111790) and tie the ends with twine (#66510). Vertical Wood Mold: Made with the same care and craftsmanship as our wildly popular Baltic Birch Molds, these exquisite molds are hand crafted here in Bellingham, Washington. I have had some trouble with this mold, it is hard to take the middle peace out to swirl it.
Just line the mold with butcher paper to protect the wood and pour your CP soap into the mold at medium to thick trace. Made by Lauren, Single Barrel Soaps are instantly recognizable from the cute barrel stamp in the center of each bar.

The mold is now literally moldy and green in spots from the heat and moisture of the leakage. If you need to use a handsaw and miter box, cut just to the waste side of the lines and use 80-grit sandpaper and a wooden block to smooth the ends to the lines you marked. From the remaining pieces (still taped together), cut the mold ends to length and remove the tape from all the parts. Even with the washers, they still bite into the wood, but do not help to achieve a tight fit. We love the Vertical Mold and have made so many fun designs as seen in our Vertical Sandalwood Vanilla Soap, With a Twist!
In addition, Single Barrel Soaps’ work is full of different techniques and eye-catching designs.
Liners fit snugly together so lining your molds is not necessary but the liners are not snug enough to work with melt and pour so we recomend cold and hot process soap only with this mold.

A deciding factor to get this mold was that it didn't need t be lined, but that is not the case. In our tests and recipes we found the inserts fit snug enough in the mold to not need lining though we like to line with freezer paper just in case, especially when working with a thinner recipe. This is because depending on the thickness of the soap batter leaks can happen, especially if you have a thinner recipe.

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