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Make wooden building blocks selfsame cheaply out of your argufy Waldorf Inspired innate gaming Handpainted Wooden Tree Blocks Set of Baby Plays breathing in Block Sets Diy Toys Waldorf Wooden Toys Baby. HOW-TO GEEK BOOKSRead our first book, the HTG Guide to Windows 8, or check our upcoming books. Once you find a few trees, start wailing on them with your fists of fury and collecting the log blocks, seen in the screenshot above.
After you’ve converted the logs into wood, go ahead and take four of the wood and fill the small crafting space to create a crafting table.
The crafting table is one of the most fundamental and critical tools in Minecraft as it unlocks most of the initial tools and paves the way for you to explore your way, using those tools, to get material to craft the more advanced ones. We guarantee the pig that hopped up on the crafting table has no idea we’re about to make our first hunting tools and turn him into dinner. Once you’ve crafted the sticks, it’s time to make your first simple tools using sticks and wood blocks.
Go ahead and make at least two of each item except the hoe; we’ll be upgrading them soon enough, but you don’t want to be empty-handed while you’re working.
Using the right tool for the job not only makes the work speedier (you can cut down a tree with a sword for example, but it will take way longer than if you used an axe) but it also protects your tools. Since we’re not building a hunting lodge on your first night however, our first priority is carving out a little shelter.
Once you’ve dug yourself a respectable hole in the side of the hill (don’t worry about making anything too fancy at first, a single width hallway going into the hill and terminating in a modest room 3×3 room is more than useful for a small starter shelter), you’ll have a bit of dirt and a bit of cobble in your inventory (cobble is the rubble created by mining stone blocks with your pickaxe). Plop down a crafting table in your new Spartan abode and use some of that cobble to make a furnace. Torches are one of the most important things in Minecraft (and let us tell you, you’ll be crafting and placing a lot of them in your explorations). Everything takes time as we’ve learned, and successful Minecraft survivalists get really good at multitasking and timing their projects. Use your crafting table and the same recipes we used to craft the wood sword, pickaxe, and shovel to craft yourself stone versions of the same tool. Here’s how you craft a chest; place it like you would any other block and then right-click on it to open it. Make a crafting table by gathering 4 wooden planks, which can be made from one peice of wood. Wood is easy to obtain, but it's flammable and can be destroyed by creepers, because its blast resistance is only 15.
Don't use sand or gravel as they are the only blocks affected by gravity, so along with the fact that you can't have a roof, one creeper and bye bye everything.
To build a brick house, you'll probably need upwards of 100 brick blocks, which means 400+ individual bricks.
Put in windows and a door to stay safe, and enjoy the view of maybe the mountains, the forest, or even the blocky ocean! Zombies will try to break your door if it is wooden, and will succeed if you are on hard difficulty. When placing a bed, make sure it has some space around it so you can get to it easily and you won't suffocate when you wake up.
Clay Blocks: You can harvest Clay Balls from Clay Blocks along rivers and ponds and then combine x4 Clay Balls back into Clay Blocks to make them more compact and thus store more. Crafting Table: Your highway to the good life, this is naturally something you have to be able to Craft by Hand first, and once you have crafted one and deployed it, it widely expands the objects and tools you can make.
Snow Block: You can take x4 Snow Balls obtained by harvesting Snow and turn them into Snow Blocks.

Sticks: One of the more useful resources since they appear in a number of critical recipes, Sticks are made from Wood Planks. Stonecutter: This is a new object particular to the PE version that allows you to craft Stone Blocks.
Wooden Planks: The true building block of progress, you make these from the Wood Blocks you get from Trees.
Like Hand Crafting the Crafting Table is divided into four core Crafts Types, the Materials and Items Menu, the Tools Menu, the Armor and Food Menu, and the Combines Menu, that last being used to help you store more of a particular resource by crafting it into Block form generally.
Furnace: Allows you to smelt ores into ingots, make charcoal and glass, bake bricks, and cook Chicken Beefsteak, and Porkchops. Sticks: One of the more useful resources since they appear in a number of critical recipes, Sticks are made from x2 Wood Planks. Trapdoor: Works like a normal door, but consists of a 1x1 block that lays flat on the ground. Wooden Door: A critical tool in protecting your shelter from unwanted visitors, your Wooden Door can be opened and closed by you at will! Wooden Slab: Used for making long staircases and for paving floors when you don't want the full depth of a block. Most of the items you will need to progressively make your life better are found here, in the Tools Menu. Wooden Axe: The axe is a tool that is used to chop trees faster than you can do it by hand. Wooden Shovel: A Tool that is required to dig in dirt, grass, sand, gravel, and snow faster than by hand.
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A Minecraft day lasts for twenty real-time minutes: ten minutes of daylight and ten minutes of moonlight. Plains to the left with pigs roaming around (starting off with a herd of pigs nearby is practically like getting take out dinner) and a dense mushroom forest to our right (full of wood and likely more animals).
It’s important we crank out a bunch of tools right away so we can make the most of the remaining daylight.
Swords inflict damage on animals and enemies but they’re very poor for manipulating blocks, outside of the rare block like cobwebs, so save them for actual fighting. Now is a perfect time, by the way, to highlight one of the golden rules of exploring in Minecraft: Don’t dig straight down or straight up! Furnaces are second in importance to only crafting tables in Minecraft, and allow you to do all manner of useful things like smelt ore to extract metal and minerals as well as cook food. Since we just started in survival mode and we haven’t done any serious mining yet (nor did we happen to spawn somewhere with an exposed vein of coal) we need to make charcoal in order to light things up before night sets in.
The easiest way to seal the front door of your shelter is just to pile up two blocks of dirt to seal the hole. Don’t think it’ll be wasted time however, we’ve got things to do, holes to dig, and adventures to have, all from the comfort of our little shelter. A wooden pickaxe can be crafted by placing 3 wooden planks horizontally across the top row, and two sticks vertically in the middle column.
Craft two sticks and three stone blocks just like you would a wooden pickaxe while substituting the stone for wood planks.
Depending on the size of your home, you need anywhere from 50 to 100 wood blocks for an ordinary, small-sized home To save time and resources, you might want to make your house out of wooden planks.

This makes it so that hostile (or even neutral) mobs (creepers, zombie, skeleton, endermen, spiders, spider jockeys, slimes, etc.) can't come into your house.
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The first order of business is to turn some of the wood blocks into sticks as we need sticks for our tools. As tempting as it is to get caught up in the quest for the perfect place to build yourself a dreamy cabin, now is not the time to wander far or aspire to a giant lodge in the woods. As you become more experienced with Minecraft you can make your first shelter a tree fort, a cabin, or whatever catches your fancy. If you run across pigs, cows, chickens, or other unsuspecting (but delicious) creatures while scouting a location for your base, by all means give them a whack or two with your freshly crafted wooden sword and collect food as you explore. After a few minutes in the furnace your wood blocks will become charcoal which will, in turn, allow you to craft torches. The wood tools you crafted in the beginning are likely already severely worn as wood tools have very low durability. It is recommended that the height of your house is 3 to 4 blocks tall as there will be plenty of space to move. If you do build a house in a cave make sure it is high enough to the point where mobs cannot come in and put it on the walls of the cave.
She enjoys starting articles about real problems she has in life, as well as ones about quirky topics like How to Use Life Hacks. Blocks Unity could manifest my designs or give them away for free on the i choose this is my get-go and go attempt astatine amp boring how to atomic enumerate forty-nine this tutorial you’ll take how. First, you need to put the logs on the crafting box on the inventory screen and then click on the small box beside the crafting space to create the wood planks. Two blocks stacked atop each other (anywhere in the crafting box on your person or on the table) will yield four sticks.
Axes are for chopping wood (and work well on trees, wood blocks, fences, and anything else made out of wood).
Just gather your wood and stone, craft those initial tools, make torches, and get into some shelter.
If your house is not well-lit or you're worried about endermen teleporting in, make it 2 and a half blocks high.
A wooden door won't survive zombies in difficult or hardcore, so be ready if you want to try it with iron doors!
Not all items in Minecraft stack, but most do (and can be stacked into piles of up to 64 units). Let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet however, we’ve got a more pressing issue to deal with: shelter.
By making your ceiling 3 blocks high, then putting slabs (half a block), will leave you a safe house with plenty of room. Feel free to convert most of your logs into wood blocks but put a few aside for a later project.

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