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I'd like to make a set of oars, but the materials that are readily available in my area are not of the best quality. No less an authority than Pete Culler says that White Pine can be used to make a nice pair of oars. Hardwood can also be used, and is the recommended wood for workboats and for oars that will see hard use. The lumber yards can't call them staging planks anymore because wooden planks are not approved by OSHA or workers comp insurance companies. If you do go the SPF route, make sure you give the lumber a little time to dry out if it seems damp. Somewhere Pete Culler said that he thought that sassafrass was closest to the ideal oar wood.
Attention to the grain pattern and the use of laminations makes all the difference when working with the softer woods. I have been making seven and a half foot oars from ash and while I have yet to hit the water the oars seem pretty darn light to me. We think these oar plans and patterns will create not only superior wooden rowing oars for your classic small boat, but a woodworking project that's as satisfying as any project can be.

Plans for oars may be found in various boatbuilding books and magazine articles, but they are usually only suited for experts who can visualise how to transfer architectural drawings to a square blank of wood.
John Harris spent six months designing, prototyping and documenting the assembly and shaping of elegant traditional rowing oars.
The oars aren't spoon-blades, which are very difficult to make, but they have so much refinement in shape that the spoon-blade feature isn't missed, and these are perfect for traditional smallcraft of all types.
Builders with less woodworking experience will benefit from using these full-size computer-cut plywood templates and patterns to make it easy to transfer the subtle shapes to the lumber. We think these oar plans and patterns will create not only superior oars for your classic small boat, but a shop project that's as satisfying as any woodworking project can be. To get WoodenBoat delivered to your door or computer, mobile device of choice, etc, click WB Subscriptions. They should have a hardwood supply they could order your oar wood from , like Bruce said , so this is more about where to look for the wood than the wood itself.
We all need oars for our small boats and these plans will make it possible for the average woodworker to produce a beautiful pair of oars from scratch. This is often daunting or insurmountable for an otherwise worthy woodworker, which is why these plans come with a detailed step-by-step manual and optional plywood templates.

These oars are ideal for any fixed-seat hull from a 7-foot dinghy to a performance pulling boat as well as everything in between.
Armed with the manual and a couple of planks of spruce or the like, an experienced builder will soon have a very efficient and attractive pair of rowing oars.
If you make Pine oars you will have to be somewhat careful with them -- don't try use them to push the boat off a rock!
Walnut would make a pretty set of oars and is on the light side, which is good in this case. Of course you should never use oars like that, but Pine will let you know that much faster! Mass-produced oars require thick handles (which tire the hands on long rows) so that the lathe they are made on can hold them.

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