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Lay the keys across these 2 pieces of wood with the nodes of each key positioned directly over the frame. When buying dimension lumber, remember that the nominal dimensions printed on the label will not be the true dimensions of the wood. With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts.
We bought a cheapo wooden xylophone from Target and the pitch of every single bar was off -- and we're not talking off by a little bit, we're talking off by full pitch steps in random directions. Note 2: You'll notice the frame wood is redder than the wood that makes up the xylophone bars.
The types of woodwind instrument were a act tricky to sort tabu but we institute type A balance of expert Here's a Christmas gift idea you might deprivation to The trickiest part is attaching the keys. Also you need to make a door on the cylinder so that you can later fix in the stove inside.
Detailed instructions on how to tune the xylophone notes, using nothing more than a sanding disc and an electric drill.
Concert quality instruments are usually made from Honduras Rosewood or African padouk, and obviously the better wood you have access to the better instrument you’ll be able to make. However you can make this instrument from just about any hardwood (eg, Oak, Durian or Meranti). While building a full-scale modern concert xylophone would represent a massive undertaking, it is relatively quick and easy to make a one-octave, diatonic xylophone.
If the pitch is too low, you can raise it by shaving or filing off the edges of the key to make it shorter.
A one-octave xylophone will have 8 keys, with the root note of the scale appearing both at the lower and upper ends of the register. Cut 2 pieces of your frame wood to this length, and then wrap them in a soft material (a towel or a worn-out piece of clothing will work). Take the other 2 pieces of wood reserved for the frame and screw, nail or glue them across the 2 long pieces to form a 4-sided frame.
Sure, you can buy good toys easily and cheaply, but homemade ones, especially wooden ones, have much nicer feel and more meaning.

If you can get it in rectangular cross-section that is about twice as wide as it is thick, then you can skip the first step, where I cut the square bar to make two rectangular bars.
In reality we were going to make the whole thing out of poplar but then found some scrap redwood the right size, so decided to use two different woods for the contrast.
You can either get pegs shaped like the one in the photo, that look kind of like a nail, or get wooden dowel and make your own (by attaching a wooden ball to the end of a dowel, for instance). I found some xylophone bar length calculators online (link is in the .xlsx file), and used that as a starting point for the Excel file. Larger bars ring longer, make better sound, are easier to tune (because shaving a few mm off a larger bar does little while shaving the same amount off a smaller bar does a lot). I play antiophthalmic factor wooden xylophone african marimba in a striation and when tuned right.
However, today I’m going to share with you a project that arouse out of a problem with a school budget.
I'm not going to suggest that you can build an instrument which will sound identical to the commercially available instrument, not with basic wood that you can get from the hardware store. However - have a listen to these samples, and you'll see that there is very little difference between them! For the rice beer of restraint I'll describe the how tos of building type A wood xylophone just the same techniques could be applied to any These How to take a crap Wooden Xylophones. Make each hole slightly larger than the nail that will be used to secure the key to the frame, because the key must have room to move when it is struck, or it will not resonate very much. The first article he worked on was How to Make Baseball Cards, and his favorite has been How to Make Caffe Medici. It was both of our first time in the woodshop, so I can guarantee this is easy to make, and it took ~2-3 hours but it would take an experienced hand less time. Basically, you input the total length of rectangular bar you have available and it will tell you how to cut 8 bars that use that length, making an octave of musical notes. However you don't want to go too large otherwise: (1) your wood may be warped and this will show for longer bars, (2) It may be too big for use by small kids, (3) Many of the wavelengths of sound may be below human hearing. A one octave xylophone will have octet keys with the antecedent note of the scale appearance both at the.

Yes, even YOU can make your own xylophones exactly like this one, with these step by step instructions. At the time, the best quote she could get was $220 per instrument, and she needed ten of them, so it was going to cost her $2,200 just for these xylophones.
So go ahead and get started now with Project 1 – The box resonated 11 note xylophone.
Professional quality xylophones have keys made of rosewood or padauk, but these woods are harder to find. There was absolutely no way the school could pay more than $500 – so we decided to make them as a project for the school.
You don't have to do it all yourself - you can even give the plans to your woodworking classes or parent club to make as a project – so it doesn’t need to cost the earth in materials or in your precious labour!
You'll be tuning it later anyway but you should still try to do it to make life easy for yourself. This is Definitely for You if you want to learn more about playing & building marimbas, xylophones and other percussion instruments.
Even if you just wish to build one xylophone for a gift for a child these plans make it really affordable and achievable, as well as being an interesting project for you to complete.
So go ahead and click here to download the plans to get started making the box resonated 11 note xylophone. All you need to know is how to tune the bars and the correct size and shape to make the box and you should be fine.. At her first school she had a very small budget for instruments, and needed to complete a class set of xylophones for her junior music classes.

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