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Used the hamper and mop and broom (got them at the dollar store) used some corrigated white cardboard for the top. This beautiful card box is ideal for Victorian weddings, and makes an elegant addition to any event. The beautiful white wishing well you see in the photo below is a traditional design that has kept favor over many generations. The first step in making your bridal shower wishing well is to determine how big you'd like for it to be. To make your own floral garden wishing well, you'll again want to consider the size you need; obviously the more guests you're expecting, the bigger the wishing well should be. The well is crowned with a honeycomb bell-shaped top, and a cute three-dimensional bucket hangs down, pointing to the card slot in the lid of the well.
Fun cut-out designs accent the roof and side openings, and a pre-cut slit makes it easy for your guests to deposit their envelopes.

A single row of faux rhinestones outlines the slot on the top for your guests to insert envelopes.
The pre-cut slit in the top of the box makes it easy for your guests to deposit their cards. This white wishing well shaped table top card box is 32" tall and 16" across, and features metallic silver accents of bells, hearts, lovebirds, garlands and more.
This basic well makes a great foundation for creating your own unique wedding card and money box.
To make the posts of your bridal shower wishing well, choose something sturdy and white in a proportion to match the base. Try painting your wishing well to coordinate with your special colors, or wrap your well in festive fabrics or elegant printed papers. Make sure you have a special place for your cards and gifts of money: Buy or Rent a Card Box from the Wedding Centre!

This floral version of a wishing well is elegant and easy to adapt to a variety of settings. Provide a blank wishing well or two and plenty of arts and crafts materials, and let your special guests help to create a truly meaningful addition to your special day. The pre-cut slit in the top of the box makes it easy for your guests to deposit their cards, and its simple design provides an ideal foundation to showcase your personal style.

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