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We are continually blown away by the creativity and ingenuity of our readers, and the recent run of homemade toy kitchens we've featured here is a case in point. Virginia's directions for building your own Ikea-based toy kitchen:I took a RAST table and built off of that. Edited to add: Virginia took the time to draw up the following schematic and dimensions, for those who are interested in making this kitchen. I am determined for my daughters to have a play kitchen of their own, but do not want to spend an arm and a leg for a quality one.

She loved the look of vintage plywood kitchens but could never find one in decent shape, so she designed her own using materials from, you guessed it, Ikea. I used another scrap to make a door and 2 to trim out the place where the knobs would go and for the "kickplate". I noticed that in this post, you mentioned posting plans for a larger kitchen set, but I didn't see any while I was browsing through the list of posted plans. I spent 10 bucks on the wood (I asked if they had any scraps they could sell in lieu of a large sheet).

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