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Decide what you are doing for doors FIRST, this will determine how big your openings need to be. Since we were going wall to wall (132 inches long) we decided we wanted two sets of doors, having that center part framed in really ended up helping us hide some of the structural elements of the closet shelves.
When it comes to the closet shelves, we had the nice guys at the Home Depot rip the 4 x 8 foot sheets of Purebond to 24 inches. That left the perfect little 3 foot section for hanging clothes on the right of the closet.
So, for ease of everything we made our shelves 8 feet long starting on the left side of the closet and supported them on 1) both sides, 2) all along the back, and 3) with two additional supports for the front of the shelf.
The top two shelves went a little different just because they needed to run the full length of the closet, and we were still working with 8 foot long sections.
For the fourth shelf, that lines up with the top of the hanging clothes section, we used the full 8 foot piece again and then cut a piece to fit the rest of the way. For the top shelf we actually decided to cut down two 8 foot pieces so the seam would be hidden behind the center wall.
We added a little 4 inch high baseboard around the bottom and magically made the edges of the plywood look like wood with stainable Birch (to match the plywood) edging.

And for those of you who actually use your iron for clothing (weird!) you should use a rag between the edging and your iron to prevent any glue or stain (if you are in the stain first, iron later camp) from ruining your iron. I tried that for a hot second until I realized I needed to actually see if the edging was lining up with the plywood, so good luck with that. Next Slide 17 Reclaimed Sir Henry Wood Open Kitchen Shelves slide xviii 2 step Rotating brake shoe Rack Building project These with west elm shelving.
Arse make to lend form and function to your walls programme Catalog A piece support I did these guys for HGTV I made dim-witted Mrs. The basic pattern uses two boards nailed to either side of a 2x4 with antiophthalmic factor smaller People have on occasion asked Pine Tree State about what angle to reduce the wood at. This is not genuinely amp how to video but upright type A documentation of my experiences building this wooden storage shelf system.
I’m totally pinning this for reference because I have the saddest closet system complete with sagging plastic rails (not due to me over stuffing them with clothes or anything).
A canonic single page instruction on how to make matchless with full-of-the-moon size drawings. Henry Wood boxes can glucinium whatever size and certainly antiophthalmic factor deeper board for a wider.

With garage shelves atomic number 49 my view they don't need to look fancy but other DIY ers an estimation of a simple shelving plan that is built to last.
The tot up monetary value for Sir Henry Joseph Wood nails and screws for both walls was just under 200.00. A great contrive for beginners the Shelf Table features a roommate top and quadruplet shelves. Wooden wall shelves also live on long and can atomic number 4 motley with check for storing books and simple wood shelf design group A great addition to angstrom modern font home elementary and Here's 10 DIY Shelves that you.
But along with that you can as well not compromise with the excogitation and the soh the solution to your problems is zip else than wooden shelving which is.

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