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Pizza oven, outdoor fireplace, outdoor living area, seat wall, paver patio, outdoor furniture, wood box, fire feature, planting around patio, cultured stone, natural stone, hearth, fire pit, outdoor kitchen, dining and living area, child's play structure and play ground, spacious lawn and plantings. Paradise Restored Landscaping & Exterior DesignThe Hearth stone is 19"x20" you can put the depth either way.
Renato Ovens, IncWe have kits as well as a new line of outdoor units that a bit more affordable than our commerical line of ovens. Large traditional backyard patio in Minneapolis with an outdoor kitchen and natural stone pavers. There are many different styles of pizza oven, ranging from small clay ovens to larger scale concrete ovens.
When you have decided on a location for the pizza oven, lay the pallet down and make sure that it is horizontal.

The way that hot air circulates in the oven chamber it forces the smoke out of the top front of the oven.
What you decide to build depends on a few factors including budget, location size constraints, time, what you wish to cook etc. We started by heating the oven really hot and then clearing all the coals to the side and cooking the pizza on the hot floor of the over (stone baked pizza).
This gives you the rather traditional pizza which usually gets a little crisp around the edge where it gets near the coals. If you want more evenly cooked pizza, we tried putting an oven wire rack supported on a couple of bricks and laying the pizza on some tin foil on the rack. You can build this oven in stages so there is no need to know exact quantities when you initially start building.

When heated to a high temperature, standard building bricks can expand and cause the oven to crack a little.
We have had this oven extremely hot and have not had issues with cracking so a lot if down to personal preference!

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