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Well, Serious Eats's Slice blog reports on Mark Wilkie, a Brooklynite who spent two months constructing a Pompeii brick oven in his backyard based on plans from Forno Bravo.
In that post, I linked to a variety of outdoor ovens that seemed intriguing, like the Peruvian igloo. Maria Agnone was famous for her Brier Hill pizza, a homestyle pie with roots in the Basilicata region that in recent years has become the centerpiece of a large Italian fest in Youngstown each August (this year, Aug.
Morelli smiles as she recalls being a kid and filling up on so much of that pizza that "there was a period after college that I didn't eat it for a while. Many nights have been spent perfecting her crust recipe, both in her electric Thermador oven and on her outdoor grill -- she always uses Caputo 00 pizza flour, which has a lower protein content than regular flour, and proofs the Kitchen Aid-mixed dough overnight in the fridge. She built in her Highland Park backyard a traditional clay pizza oven.Nestled on a wooden plinth fashioned from reclaimed wood and 3-inch-wide pieces of slate from Construction Junction, the dome-shaped oven is far from fancy.

Morelli swears by cherry), but also you have to wait until the cooking surface gets hot enough to quickly bake a pizza -- 700 or so degrees. You also can use the oven to bake bread, roast meat, grill steaks, toast hoagies, make risottos and paellas, cook appetizers, and even prepare desserts and other dolce.
It can bake a Neopolitan-style pizza in about three minutes on its 24-by18-inch cooking deck. It sells for $3,989 as a build-it-yourself kit (you need to be accustomed to working with mortar), and construction takes about a week. With a 36-inch cooking surface, it's big enough to cook a pair of 15-inch pizzas at the same time. You also can buy it already assembled for $7,595.If you prefer a more traditional Italian design, California-based Forno Bravo offers several authentic (and portable) wood-fired pizza ovens.

The smallest, the 34-inch-deep stainless Forno Toscano Margherita oven, starts at $2,339 and takes about 15 minutes to preheat; the best-selling model, the Fontana Gusto oven, starts at about $5,000 and includes three wire racks in an upper chamber in which to bake and roast meat, poultry, seafood and vegetables.
Breads and pizza are baked on the composite stone bottom.Chicago Brick Ovens feature a proprietary low, igloo-shaped dome design that is modeled on ancient Neapolitan or Italian wood-fired ovens.
Sur La Table sells a rolling 59-inch-tall terracotta pizza oven from Portugal for $1,900 plus $510 for shipping.At the other end of the spectrum is a top-of-the-line dual-temperature Wood Stone oven that hooks up to natural gas or propane.

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