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A sawbuck is a special kind of sawhorse framed for holding rough wood so you can saw it into lengths suitable for use in a stove or fireplace.
Decide the taller or shorter height that you think you may want, namely, cut the "X" pieces about 48 inches (1.22 meters) long. Details on how to build log sawhorses,Log sawhorses are easy to build, I built this horse within ten minutes and the horse is going to last for years to come. There is really nothing special about the log horse that I built all I used is a some screws and 2by4’s I slap something together so that I can get the job done in a hurry.

The long firewood to be cut is placed in the top ("V") part of the "X" pieces where it may then be sawed.
You could be able to cut the straighter limbs and poles for firewood with this kind of sawbuck, using your "miter saw". This will allow the user to put a foot on top of the poles or the split wood being cut, when it is that low (as illustrated).
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But this is the best time to find free firewood and cut it up and store it for the winter.One of my secrets that I am going to give away is that I have ton of firewood that I got for free.
The log saw horse is versatile, it can fit any log on it because of the way it is made it has a place for small logs to lie down.So if you own a fireplace and you want to cut back on your heating bill I believe this is the best way to go.

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