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Pro Tip: If you use fatwood to start your fires, or you regularly burn wood from conifers, be sure to clean the creosote from your chimney regularly to help prevent chimney fires. If you have a wood burning stove then you likely already know that good fires are a result of heat and oxygen. To get the most out of your firewood orders, ask for wood that is not split, or only split moderately. You need several types of wood for your wood burning stove, in order to get the most out of your stove and your firewood. Use the quartered pieces when you want to jump the fire’s heat up fast, but not for long. When you are burning those whole logs, you can stir the fire occasionally, and scrape some of the charred wood off of the log’s surface, to get a few minutes of extra heat.
It’s been a long time since we dwelled in caves and most of us have lost the innate ability to start a fire efficiently. The halves will do a fine job of catching fast and burning for a moderate amount of time, but without making a tremendous amount of heat. This will cause the log to burn down quicker, but will provide some extra short-term warmth. And if your wood stove is your only source of heat, then knowing that is a critical piece of information. You can also ask for the wood to be piled, and not stacked, which will often knock a few bucks off the price. Don’t assume that the company that sells the woodstove to you will be able to tell you how to use it properly. Some people build more of a teepee-like structure with their kindling but I prefer the log cabin approach.

Let it go for a while longer until the fire is really well established and the chimney temperature is high. Ashes can seem to be cold and safe but there will often still be glowing embers in them, 24 hours or longer after a fire has died. And remember, if you go outside and can see or smell smoke coming from your chimney, you aren’t burning it hot enough and your wood is smoldering.
But there are a couple of other things you might not know, even if you depend on your wood burner for heat. The next time you have a fire going, put the split log (all the pieces) into it and time how long it takes to a) catch fire and b) burn down to fine ash. This means that the more finely your cord of wood is split, the less wood you’ll have in the cord. Of course this means you will not be able to visually ensure you have a full cord, or half cord, but if you had wood delivered on several occasions, you can tell by looking at the truck when it pulls in.
But after 15 years of living with a woodstove, I have lit many, many fires and I believe this is the optimal way to start one.
Broken up branches and limbs, the trimmings from your woodworking projects, or just take some of your firewood and carefully whack off small chunks with a manageable hatchet or small axe. People who allow their woodstove to smolder give the practice of heating with wood a bad name. There is enough modern research to prove that the toxins in wood smoke can be a cause of serious physical ailments. There is enough research to prove that the toxins in wood smoke can be a cause of serious physical ailments. I have often cringed while watching others try to light their woodstoves and so I don’t believe this is a skill that comes easily to most people.

If it’s not that cold outside, crank it up in the morning and warm up your house, and then let the fire die and wait until your house cools off before you start it up again and burn it hot. Last year there was a house fire south of here when someone put a bucket of ashes on their back porch on a windy day. If your fire was good and hot to start, a 6” diameter split log will burn down to fine ash in about one hour. Remember, you want the fire really well established before you start reducing air to it, or put your catalytic stove into airtight mode. Smoldering fires are dangerous, make creosote, smell bad and waste your hard earned firewood. The wind blew glowing live ashes out of the bucket and they ignited the porch and burned the house down. I’ve heard of instances when a house fire was caused when the vacuum caught fire from ashes. You can be that fussy once, in the spring, after you haven’t had a fire for a week or two! Your newspaper and kindling will only burn for so long and with complete round logs the flames will just lick around the outside and won’t have anything to grab and ignite.

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