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Location: Texas simple catamaran hull design I've been trying to design a simple-to-build catamaran, and I've come up with this hull design. Location: Miami Catamaran keel design I have a P43 Privilege, 25 ft beam, 26000 lbs displacement with fixed keels. Underway, either under power or sail, especially in shallow water and hull speed over 8 knots, the boat tends to squat, progressively until the bow raises and the water line at the transom (i.e. I have extended the swim platforms 48 inches which has resulted in adding at least 2 knots to the hull speed.
Location: Rainier, Oregon Here's one simple catamaran design that sounds similar.
I've more-or-less figured out the rig, and now I'm working on hull-rocker (the curvature of the keel is important to the maneuverability of the boat), and cross-sections next.
Rather than bother with dagger boards, I intended to use long keels that were to be half the length of the hulls.
Of course, any other catamaran on the lake would blow my design away in a race (but maybe not if it were asked to cary the same payload). Because I wanted an inexpensive platform for experimenting with rigs and horizontal foils, I drew a little cat that I hope will be light enough to cartop, and simple enough for an inexperienced builder to knock out in a couple months of part-time work. The dory-like hulls resemble those in Slider, my 16 foot beach cruiser, because Slider goes to windward fairly well without her deep daggerboard. After years of designing and building screaming fast outboard race boats I'm back to raggers. The whole concept has great merit as it allows someone to build this unit quickly and not be so hard on the pocket. Splinterman-- the hulls would be prettier and faster if the chines were rounded by strip-planking, but I'm thinking that they wouldn't be as weatherly.

I'm drawing a new up one right now for my own use up at the lake - a Wharram-ish v-hulled double ended beachcat, 15.5' thereabouts, with drink coolers in the hulls and a soft-footed rig for my head. Either gonna call it the 'Door Skinner' or the 'Rocking Horse' depending on how much it pitches or how cheap of materials I use. I have decided to build a catamaran houseboat since I have been looking for years to find just the right boat having come close a few times, however, the price has alway's been out of reach. I have nothing but well wishes for you, and I am glad to hear that you are taking the bull by the horns and building your Catamaran Houseboat and not caving in and paying those high costs that the boat building industry are charging..!
The pic I saw posted would be easy to build but extremely difficult to turn and would have a terrible draft. Each keel is approximately 14 ft in length and extend about 24 inches below the rounded hull form resulting in a total draft of 48 inches.
A rounded-V, however, could be easier to build and is almost as efficient as the famous rounded U-shape. Therefore, I decided to build what I could not afford to buy.I started by building a plywood mold. I'm pretty much just looking to build a nice cruiser that can carry 2 people, but can be sailed by one. The V-shape is the worst hull design to date, giving the least amount of bouyancy and the most wetted surface. Catamarans need to have at least an 11:1 fineness ratio (11 units length per 1 unit width).
Also (it was hoped) that the flat bottoms, which would be half the beam of the hulls, would get up and plane under really blowing conditions. Going one step further and building the hulls using the strip planking method could make a really smooth looking finished hull.

I have had some experience in building fiberglass boats in the past but nothing of this scale, however the only real difference is that's its larger. It will have canted hulls and dagger boards and hopefully blow every other 14' design (and some 16' designs) away. Besides, there is room for doubt how well one would stand with such a simple stay arrangement. One of my major concerns in planning its design was making certain that if caught in bad weather that its hull design would be very seaworthy.Now that lamination is completed I am considering to either sell or rent the mold in order to help reduce some of the invested cost.
The next step is to start joining the two hulls together and then build the superstructure on top of the 32x80 ft flat deck.The boat will be powered with twin 405hp Cummins engines, interior layout will be pretty much a cross between a home and a typical motor yacht. I've tried searching on google, but I really can't find much information on building catamarans, and especially not simple ones. If the hulls come out on the light side (few lbs less than 40) I'm thinking of adding a layer of 4 oz cloth on the outside just for scrape it over the beach and cartop rails ding proofing. I imagine it would need oversized rudders however, since it probably wouldn't want to turn very well. My firebird doesn't have a trailer hitch and I dont plan to add one because it would just look like crap I can however borrow my dads pickup (also no hitch on it) for launching.
I can see that you have planned the whole thing out well and the twin Cummings should push this baby just great.Do keep us updated with the progress as there are many folks here that are considering building a boat, or that are actually currently involved in building a boat. Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their catamaran houseboat building experiences and tips.

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