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Give Heavens Best Carpet Cleaning of Jackson and Brick NJ a call and get your quote today!!! February 17, 2012 by craig 72 Comments Most people are familiar to the Steam Cleaning method when it comes to cleaning carpets.
Steam is not good for cleaning carpets because in order to remove a stain you need more than just hot water. There are many more reasons as to why steam cleaning your carpets are not good, these are just a few.
January 23, 2012 by craig 71 Comments When taking care of your carpets, vacuuming should come to mind, right after the thought of Heavens Best :-). January 20, 2012 by craig 71 Comments When arriving to a customers house they are usually surprised at what I’m using to clean the carpets with. January 19, 2012 by craig 74 Comments When a brand new carpet comes out of the factory it is of course very healthy. January 18, 2012 by craig 72 Comments When giving your tile and grout a weekly or bi- weekly cleaning, you want to use one thing, vinegar and water. Vinegar and water is the best thing for your tile and grout because it’s a non-toxic, acidic solution that will break down the dirt, especially in the pores of the tile and grout. We at Heavens Best understand that cleaning your tile is a difficult job, and grout cleaning is a back breaking job. January 17, 2012 by craig 68 Comments When cleaning your carpets you must beware of what products your using. Pleasant, nj and Manahawkin, nj tried to have there furniture or carpets saved but once mold starts growing you want to get rid of it immediately. Most of the time they may use their own water, but in a lot of cases they’ll hook up into your water system. We mostly use this machine for carpeted stairs but can also be used to cars, boats and rv’s. It does get loud, but when using this machine along with our water based, organic solution, your upholstery will come out looking fantastic. You can tell when a carpet is healthy by seeing if the fibers on the carpet are standing straight.

Of course you need to vacuum or sweep, but vinegar and water will help remove scuff makes or sneaker prints. Water is to just simply concentrate the vinegar and so you don’t use so much vinegar.
That’s why with our unique hard surface organic cleaning solution we can get the job done without a problem.
Also with the amount of animals that people have as pets I’m sure those carpets get pretty dirty lol. Yes it picks up dirt and dust but it’s also help keeping your carpet healthy which in turn will extend the life of your carpet.
But at Heavens Best we use equipment that is extremely quiet and we don’t need to hook into your water supply. Our low moisture water, based organic solution lifts each stain to the surface of the carpet and if you are familiar with cotton you know it’s very absorbent so it literally pulls the stain from the carpet onto the Cotton Bonnet. The reason for the fibers to stand straight as they do is because the fibers are twisted together called heat-twists.
The majority of people will use these cleaning products making the stains appear to be fading. If you do have mold growing and still decide to get your carpets or upholstery cleaned, be sure to use an antibacterial treatment.
When using steam the stains may appear to be gone, but within a day or three they will return. Over time some natural wear and tear will occur, more often if the owners do not take care of there carpets.
Here at Heavens Best we offer such products to help ensure a clean and fresh environment for your family. But go and ask any carpet selling store and they’ll tell you to use a citrus based solution which is exactly what Heavens Best uses.
Little do I know that when I begin cleaning it’s just a layer of dog fur and not a worn out carpet.
We deliver the highest quality of carpet cleaning that will leave your house smelling fresh and clean.

Dirt can become so imbedded into your carpet and it can just stay there because it’s so deep.
People don’t realize that just by vacuuming your dirty carpet will look about 10% better.
Most of the products sold in stores will fade the stains, but what will then happen is the stain will bind to the fibers. Depending on the person who’s cleaning your carpets, it may take anywhere from 5 hours to 5 days to dry.
Dirt can accumulate so much that when people walk on it, all the dirt will just smear into the carpet and create stains. There’s only one Heavens Best in toms river, nj but we plan on spreading the secret of our low moisture carpet cleaning system.
Burbur carpets especially we must be careful of because burbur is a type of carpet that is so tightly woven together that it can hold more dirt and appear to still be clean. We are a quality company that takes pride in our work and if your not happy, we will do what it takes to make you happy. Some products will leave a white residue behind, not really cleaning the stain, only adding to the stain. If you happen to get a stain on your shirt or pants and you don’t think it will come out with normal laundry detergent, spray a little of Heavens Best on the stain, lightly agitate and throw it in the washing machine with some detergent. Heavens Best Cleaning Solution is only $15.00 per bottle and will last as long as you have it.
By applying heat to the healthy carpet (heat-twists), it will unravel the fibers and cause the carpet to look very worn over a short period of time.
It was also keep the carpet very wet for a long period of time, which will then cause mildew.

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