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Herman miller standing desk.The entire concept behind making use of a standing desk is to keep you healthy and improve your well being therefore the only thing more beneficial to your health and wellness than standing would be strolling. Designers: Bill Stumpf and Jeff WeberEnvelop is a revolutionary desk that moves to promote better posture and comfort.
When you sit in front of a computer all day, you and your chair move, but the technology stays put. When you sit at your computer, your body aligns itself so that your eyes focus most easily on the monitor. Envelop has been designed to meet the rigorous Herman Miller Design for the Environment protocol.

The idea of a height adaptable desk is not new, however the market was long waiting from a version signed Herman Miller.
The pin-height adjustable desk supports a range of seated postures, while the sit-to-stand desk features electric legs that adjust to support movement between seated and standing positions. Finally, an adjustable desk that helps you, your chair, and your technology work in harmony, so you can feel better and work better. Solutions like the Envelop Desk encourage sitting and standing postures with legs you can easily adjust.
Herman miller standing desk Make sure that the standup desk is positioned so that your lower arms are straightened with the flooring whenever they are at rest on the top of the desk.

Choose between pin-height or electric legs for the mode of adjustability that best supports the way you work. If you are making use of any sort of monitor or computer system display, be sure and organize them so you won’t have to bend or turn onward in order to watch them. Envelop, an adjustable, ergonomic desk that helps you move throughout the day while keeping your eyes focused on the work.

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