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Rosewood Papilionaceae African hardwood logs, View African hardwood log, Product Details from Jiaxing Superworks Import And Export Co., Ltd. Unfortunately silver birch firewood isn't first class - it doesn't have the same density as the old favourites such as oak and hornbeam so a cord of birch won't go as far for heating. Silver birch is also famed for it's firelighting properties as it's bark contains a waxy resin which is both very flammable and water proof.
Silver Birch is fine to burn if it is what you have, but you will probably need nearly twice as many cords of wood compared to denser logs such as oak. Birch firewood also tends to decay more quickly than, for example, sweet chestnut, because it has a much lower tanin content and a high sugar content.

Birch firewood is likely to be cheaper to buy than other hardwoods, because it is a low value timber and often cut during woodland thinnings. Provided you choose a piece without knots it makes great stock wood for carving wooden spoons, spatulas and other utensils. In Madagascar it is in high demand for carving and turning, and it has been used traditionally for tombs.
I found this out for myself the hard way when on a bushcraft course - one evening was spent camped under a stand of silver birch trees and we spent most of the evening going to and fro to collect more wood, and alternating between too hot, or a fire that was half out!
The oils in the bark make it very resistant to decay and you often find pieces of unblemished bark tubes with the wood totally rotten away!Gather some birch bark one your travels for getting your fire going in the evening and your can be assured of success.

While it is obviously written for those with the luxury of sugar maples, many of the techniques and recipes transfer well to silver birch.
What this means is that logs dry very slowly - so slowly in fact that they can rot before they are seasoned!
To speed seasoning of silver birch it is especially important to split logs at least once to expose the wood.

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