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This DIY Hanging Bed project is perfect for a back porch or summer home. Here are the step-by-step instructions. Measure the joist spacing where the bed will hang — either 14 ? inches or 16 inches on center joists, or 22 ? inches or 24 inches on center joists. If you have questions about this or any other home improvement, gardening or DIY project, post them on our online How-To Forums for an answer from a Home Depot associate. One of the great things about this DIY chalkboard wreath is that you can use it to celebrate any holiday or occasion you want. These Christmas light ideas include oversized candy canes, tomato cage Christmas trees and even a DIY light-up sign. We used tongue and groove planks to create the beadboard look in this cute and very sturdy bed frame. DIYer Sarah Dorsey rented a floor sander from The Home Depot, and got to work on her damaged hardwood floor.

Get instructions on how to make a hanging porch bed similar to this at Better Homes and Gardens.
The Floating Bed is the most comfortable bed, most units sold, most experience, best designed product.
The first one is my very favorite…I would be in heaven to have that hanging on our porch!
Access to these structural members is needed to construct braces suitable for supporting the weight of a bed and its occupants.
Two of the 35-inch boards will be on the ends of the bed, while the other two will be inside support members. There are two of these on each end of the bed, 5 inches in from the corner and 1 inch up from the bottom edge. I saw one once, but didn’t think of it as a bed, I thought it was just a deep bench swing!

Because this bed hangs, it can swing somewhat, so avoid placing it near walls or other furniture. The bed height you choose is a matter of personal preference, but keep in mind who will be using the bed.
Anyone who visits my site and orders a bed, mention you saw it here and I will give you 20% off!!

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