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You can see the progress made so far in these posts from last year: Progress on my new jewellery studio and Back to business.
If you’ve had your eye on something in my Australian jewellery shop or international jewellery shop which has been out of stock in recent weeks, then it should be back in stock again now as I get stuck into making replacement pieces.
The most important project to get underway urgently after my move was sorting out a studio space for my handmade jewellery business.
And here is where the studio is up to right now – with my bench and a few tools in place as I had some urgent making work to do this week. In the lead up to moving my home and business interstate, one of the things I need to be on top of in a big way is jewellery making. So over the past week I’ve been spending hour after hour slaving away at my bench to catch up on making jewellery for my own shop as well as for some offline retailers who stock my work.

I still have more jewellery to make to be fully caught up, but for now I’ll be taking a little breather from my bench! I confess that I haven’t done a great deal of work over the past fortnight in my jewellery studio!
However, soon I plan on being started on a shiny new range of handmade jewellery, so the messiness will commence. Each piece I design is sculpted from a block of specialty wax made specifically for jewelry. My bench will sit in front of this window so I’ll be able to look up and (when I sort the garden out!) see lots of nice plants, greenery and a big tree. Below you can see some images of my progress during the week, with pieces of jewellery in various stages of completion.

Now, I want to give you more information about what goes into making a handcrafted jewelry piece.
Finally, the jewelry piece is ready for the final polish, which includes using the finest abrasives to polish every line, every mark, and every little bit of imperfection to perfection.
I hope you enjoy the following pictures that include a behind-the-scenes look at my jewelry bench.

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