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I gave 4 stars because while the tutorial is good, he doesn't walk you through some of the finickier points of SketchUp.
Also I think the version that he demoes on is an older version of SketchUp which confused me a few times, but overall I would highly recommend this to anyone interesting in planning woodworking projects.
I ran several of the free tutorials for Sketchup but was trying to be frugal and not spend the $12.95 for this program. As with anything Dave Richards does, this book is clear, well organized and helpful even if you have been a SketchUp user for some time. The folks at SketchUp take pains to keep new versions looking like, and compatible with, previous versions.
In previous versions of SketchUp (and the free version of SketchUp 8) you can do it, but it is a little involved and time consuming.

This unique book is a comprehensive guide to using SketchUp as a tool for designing furniture, cabinets and other woodworking projects. This video preview of Woodworker’s Guide to SketchUp demonstrates the enhanced features of this book. THE ORIGINAL VERSION OF “WOODWORKER’S GUIDE TO SKETCHUP IS NO LONGER AVAILABLE!
Learn how to set up the program, use drawing tools, navigate in a 3-D space, sketch, refine drawings, and create shop-ready plans. With SketchUp, it’s easier to design your own furniture, refine the concept in 3-D before you build, and assemble all the parts flawlessly. If you like to include details of joinery in your models, this may be the feature to tip the scales in favor of upgrading to SketchUp Pro.

He walks you through the whole process, from rough sketch through developing your own set of project plans. For woodworkers using the free version of SketchUp 7, the changes are minimal, but there are some nice enhancements. SketchUp looks at the geometry of the two components, and subtracts the area that intersects from one component to the other.

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