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Call us nerdy, but we think one of the best places to start is the traditional anniversary gift guide. We may never know the reasons behind the order of elements in the gift giving guide, but we do know it provides a superb jumping off place for some crazy cool (and contemporary!) 5th anniversary gift ideas.
With a simple wood burning tool, you can create works of art out of practical household items.
The tradition of giving wood on the fifth wedding anniversary comes from Roman times, when pieces of oak were given to represent strength, stability, and longevity — all necessary for a successful marriage.
Wood might be a less conventional material than it was during the Roman times, but there are still many ways to give the traditional gift of wood on the fifth wedding anniversary.
If she already has more jewelry than she can contain, though, a wood jewelry box might be a better 5 year anniversary gift idea — and the perfect place to store all the jewelry that’s yet to come. If you like big expensive presents then have a look at buying your very own woodland, or maybe go for buying a young tree that you can watch grow.
Beautiful handcrafted wooden jewelry is a lovely way to keep your anniversary gift with you.And it's a perfect way to keep your love with you at all times.

25th Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas Oct 22, 15 06:09 PM25th wedding anniversary party ideas for you nineties lovers and wow this will bring back the memories. The traditional gift list has been around for ages and probably designed to help Victorians navigate the complications and obligations of showing recognition without insult (a pretty tricky thing back then), which makes it rather chic today. And like all wedding anniversaries, the 5 year anniversary has a specific material out of which traditional gifts are made: wood. Nowadays other types of wood are given as materials for fifth-year anniversary gifts, but the message remains the same: the marriage is planting roots and settling into a durable and long-lived union. Whether you’re celebrating your own anniversary or looking for a gift for a special couple, read on to discover the best 5 year anniversary gifts.
Present her with a handcrafted wooden jewelry piece and let her be reminded of her strong relationship each time it’s worn. If your man’s not the jewelry-wearing type, opt for a nice pair of cufflinks inlaid with wood for the same effect. Handcrafted wood chess sets make for a great anniversary gift for him and provide ample opportunities to spend time together as a couple, whatever his skill level.

Each sculpture encapsulates a special moment in time, just like the anniversary itself commemorates a special day in the lives of the couple. Whoever your recipient is, and whether or not you decide to give a traditional 5 year anniversary gift, give creatively and thoughtfully and you’re guaranteed to make the fifth anniversary one to remember. Because anniversaries seem to cause people the most confusion in gift giving; especially if you are getting a gift for another couple, rather than a spouse.
And whatever you choose is sure to remind the couple of their happy relationship long after the anniversary is over.

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