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My 4yo just asked for one.  Too bad you just got his new bed, though it's not nearly as cool as this!! My 4yo just asked for one!!  Too bad he just got his new bed, though it's not nearly as cool as this one!! On the lights, the red ones that are on there now are just trailer lights from Wal*Mart and adding 2 red beacon lights that we already have, will have them all wired to 1 toggle switch next to steering wheel.  Did not want to put one up on the bed for that exact reason, did not want to wake up to them going off and have a panic attack!! I was so worried when I found your playhouse loft bed years ago that my daughter would have the coolest bed ever and her little brother was just going to have a boring bed.

Thanks Jeff I will check it husband is a firefighter and our son is just about to turn 2 and he jumps out of his crib so I figure its time to get him a big boy bed!
See how the stairs are on the front, you could modify the bed to do this as well with the stairs, anyway, good luck and let me know what you come up with! There are no formal plans for this bed yet, I have not had time to get Sketch Up and figure it out and put it together. That's a very good looking fire truck bed I'm also thinking about making one exactly the same.

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