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Here are just a few of the more rare and exotic woods that I have used.Click any image to see a larger version.
Honduras MahoganyShown with a stained finish, mahogany is one of the richest woods that I use. Pomelle SapeleShown with a clear finish, this African exotic has a three-dimensional "peanut" shaped grain that can take on the appearance of reptile skin.
All African Mahogany has silica in it, but some species has a lot more than others (like anthotheca) and it will have a shimmer to it when hit with a low angle light.  This is hard on your planer blades and knives and should be avoided unless you have a drum sander.

Considered trash wood in its native land, can be used very successfully in contemporary design.
Please keep in mind that wood is a natural product and that grain and color variations are to be expected. The three dimensional grain and it's dark, rich color make it one of the most dramatic woods that I have used.
Solid stock has same challenges as Honduras mahogany, tear out, wormholes and fracture lines.

Also, worm- holes (not apparent until the material is milled) can turn a very expensive piece of wood into scrap.

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