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It works like this: I type in the length and height values, rise and run, and the calculator provides the measurements required to lay out the points at the tips of the stair stringers making it easy to draw the pattern on a 2x12.
I still have a couple little stringers to cut to complete each little stairway to the landings, but I can now walk from the basement to the attic without a ladder. The basement stringers fit after I chiseled away some of the concrete wall in the stairwell. No time to finish the treads now - must get a temporary certificate of occupancy so we can live in the house! After cutting, priming and painting risers, I finish nailed them to the stringers, then glued and finish nailed the oak treads. I would select the product based on the appearance and durability of the finish laminate alone, with little concern for the substrate material, assuming the substrate is some viable material and not pressed paper pulp or something else obviously inferior. For identical finish laminates, MDF would be preferable to plywood as it is denser and more dimensionally stable.

We need stairs everywhere, and they have to meet code for rise height and run width, they need hand rails and they must have enough clearance above the nosing.
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With the natural texture of the concrete, the wonderful wooden stairs and kitchen wall panelling, the wood upstairs, this house gives me the same feeling of luxury being surrounded by wood, yet its affordable. The flooring, which we will be cleaning and taking some better shots of, is birch plywood cut to 2×8 sheets and finished with a low-voc product called Parlay 21. I started the stairs to the second floor way back in March when I built the landing, so I am excited about continuing this part of the house. I used the same stair calculator webpage that I used for the first and second floor stairs. Well, that and I am somewhat more proud of my fist floor photography and would like to finish strong.

The backsplash is more of the birch plywood you have seen throughout and the sink and faucet are both IKEA.
You will note the finished concrete floors that have been sanded down and coated with Poly-Soy. The wall and the treads are both made of birch plywood that was cut and finished for us by Pappajohn Woodworking. You also get a nice view of the kitchen and stair, both of which we will get to in a minute.

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