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Maple's Birdeye, Curly Maple, Maple Quilted, Olive Wood, Tulip Wood, Ziricoat, Sapele, Leopard, Tiger Maple and more.
African Blackwood: African Blackwood is an exotic wood native to Eastern Africa, and is also known as Mozambique Ebony or Senegal Ebony.
Amboyna Burl: One of the most splendid burls, Amboyna Burl is an exotic wood that is one of about 60 in the Pterocarpus genus, which is reported to consist of small to large trees distributed throughout the tropics.
Birch: Birch is a domestic wood reported to be full of natural waxes that render it waterproof. Birch Burl: Birch is a domestic wood reported to be full of natural waxes that render it waterproof.
Black & White Ebony: Black and White Ebony is an exotic wood with color that is reported to vary with species, usually uniformly black with light-colored bands, pale to medium brown zones, or with marked contrast between almost white and black wood.
Bloodwood: Bloodwood is an exotic wood that is sometimes referred to as cardinal wood, for its obvious beautiful deep rose color.

Bolivian Rosewood: Bolivian Rosewood is an exotic wood with beautiful, rosewood like wood with black striping on top of a dark brown background.
Brazilian Ebony: Brazilian Ebony, Swartzia tomentosa, is a hard and heavy wood with a straight grain. Canarywood: Canarywood is an exotic wood that is yellow to orange in color, typically variegated with light to dark red streaking.
Hearne Hardwoods with over 120 species of domestic and exotic hardwoods in stock, is one of the largest specialty lumber yards in the world. We know that the wood buying decision can be a difficult one; therefore this portion of our website covers our knowledge of the woods that we keep in stock or have carried at some point.
Pink Ivory, Gabon Ebony, African Blackwood, Bubinga, Bocote, Cocobolo, Ziricote, Bolivian Rosewood, Brazilian Rosewood, Macassar Ebony, Makkasar Ebony, Black & White Ebony, Amboyna Burl, Afzelia Burl, Brown Mallee burl, American Holly, East Indian Rosewood, Spalted Tamarind, Snakewood, Striped Ebony, Red palm, Black Palm, Bloodwood, Redheart, Olivewood lumber, Caribbean Rosewood, guitar back and sides, guitar bridges, archtop guitar bridges, guitar parts and accesssories, Ebony guitar fingerboard, rosewood fingerboard, violin fingerboard, violin chinrest, violin pegs, tailpieces, turning wood for knife scales, pool cues, game calls, fine furniture, box making, wood turning, wood working, wood crafts, wood turners, segmented turning! Basswood works very easily and is great for carving due to the softness and workability of the wood.

With age it's color does darken, but not significantly so it is a great wood to use in intarsia projects. The bending strength of air-dried wood of the species is similar to that of Teak, which is considered to be strong.
The one-of-a-kind figure is sought after in all cultures by a multitude of woodworkers, craftsman, and artists. Mainly used for custom pool cues, woodwind instruments, knife handles, walking sticks, and carving.

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