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I am building a walnut coffee table and am considering using an epoxy for an inlay instead of wood. Working with the epoxy was pretty easy, certainly alot faster than doing this with wood inlay.
If you want to display items in epoxy you cannot top coat with anything but a hi-gloss clear, since anything else has solids in it and will fog and you can't see the items clearly.
Since when you mix epoxy, one trick I've read (but not tried) is to drain your mixing container on the project from the bottom, since the air bubbles rise towards the top.

I also use epoxy as a total surface first and second coat, troweled on with a toothed trowel.
I generally sand the surface down and topcoat (after 4 days +) with water based poly to any sheen I like, and items deep in the wood get a hi-gloss brushed on in that area.
Epoxy is glue so yes it'll hold unless (like any glue) you have some incredible stresses going on. Slower curing epoxy is more tolerant of wood movement; fast curing epoxies become brittle and can crack away from the wood.

Also, as the epoxy is being absorbed, it travels into the pores of the wood and displaces the air in the pores and that produces bubbles in the epoxy.
The fully cured epoxy machines well, but you need to treat it like plastic and be careful to not let friction create too much heat, or the epoxy will misbehave just like plastic when you get it too hot.

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