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The choice of a table is an important process, you’re not only choosing the furniture that you create a home and win a friend. The choice of a table is not easy, partly because tables have so many names, but the name rarely comes down to is, what is important is the way the table is used. Your choice of the end of the table in part on the type of room, but mainly on the type of sofa. If your room is small, for a rectangular table the same depth as a sofa, but relatively narrow (14-18 inches). End tables are often found in pairs, one at each end of the bed, but just the same table, on its own, on the side of a chair, a coffee table would most likely be called, you might even find it in the bedroom, as a bedside table.

End Tables should the height of sofas to be poor as a rule and will act as a framework for the larger piece. If your sofa has a rounded back or arms, consider a pair of elegant rounded or oval tables.
Whatever you call the table, it makes sense to act generally as a stage or platform for something else, a lamp, a cup, a book, or all three.
If your sofa is a modern design, you may find the arm is not much bigger than a coffee table. If you need to save space, use a set of nesting tables on either side of the sofa, and for maximum benefit, choose tables with built-in memory; everyone needs space to store remotes and DVD.

Choosing the right table and accent with the right plants and flowers, are important parts of this process. A 15 of 18 could end up looking table, too small, while a pair of 36 to 36 end tables takes up 18 square meters, and that’s not including the sofa between them! If you have space for a sofa table behind the couch, you can place on the table for bulbs or flowers do not need, but if not, remember, it is these decorative elements that give your home personality and color.

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