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Ebony wood block,built in bookcases cost,ping pong table wood material,plans for building a bed with drawers - . In his article in Fine Woodworking #228, Garrett Hack marveled at the small stature of an ebony tree he encountered in Java some 30 years ago.
When working end grain in these brittle woods, chipout is common, so I prefer to use a low-angle plane, taking a light cut with a tight throat and skewing the plane acutely. Bundu writes: Hardekool (Afrikaans name), Leadwood (English name), Combretum Imberbe (scientific name) is NOT ebony. I've never sent ebony through a planer for fear of it blowing up, quickly dulling my blades, or both.

When bringing an ebony inlay flush to a surface, a sharp handplane or scraper is your best bet.
Check in every weekday for news, information, projects, and answers to questions from Fine Woodworking readers everywhere. I've also turned ebony, with beautiful results, as the material is able to take the finest detail.
To avoid wasting any of the ebony, I tend to use the bandsaw, handsaws, and handplanes to cut pieces to size, rather than the tablesaw or jointer. When planing the long grain, fine tearout is common because of ebony's hardness and interlocking grain.

Any woodworker feeling the urge to experiment with this king of the tropical hardwoods would do well to heed Hack's tips on working it. Though carbide router bits work, I avoid using a router with ebony because it creates more dust (a problem for some) and tends to produce clunky profiles. Machines can cause wicked tearout on brittle ebony, so Hack uses scratch stocks to shape the material.

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