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For less than $20, I snagged a large plastic storage bin at Target.  Knowing that the key to successful composting is not only damp and dark conditions, but also airflow, I used a very large drill bit to drill holes on the top, bottom, and sides of the container.
I took my pine shavings home and emptied the whole bag into the compost bin, mixing it well and adding some water to moisten it.  I gave everything a good stir with my pitchfork, ensuring that the moistened pine got well mixed with the rotting kitchen compost scraps. More Backyard ProjectsDIY Miniature PondCreate a calming oasis on your patio with an easy, mini pond.
Learn the basics of composting, including how to set up your bin, what materials to add (and not to add) and how to troubleshoot common composting problems. Regardless, I know that my compost is,  because waste from organic fruits and veggies = organic compost. I have been wanting to compost for a while, but as we live in a city apartment with no yard, garden, plants, etc.

Build this DIY compost bin and get started!Print By Birds & Blooms EditorsIf your yard needs an extreme makeover, improve the soil first. Air can circulate freely, which is essential for breaking down the ingredients, and the bin opens on any side, so it’s super-easy to turn the pile.
Instead of sending yard trimmings and food waste to the landfill, where they’ll create methane gas as they rot, add these items to your home’s compost pile! Build your own compost bin from a common castoff material—reclaimed shipping pallets. Rachel's writing on simple living inspires me a lot, and so have her simplified tips on how to compost.
It looks so easy, and my boys are going to be so thrilled when I finally allow worms in the house.

I guess we have no need My in-laws have an incredible compost system going on, and incredible garden to prove it! Discover tips and instructions for composting at home, and learn how to make your own bin with DIY compost bin plans.

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