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See how to make mini hanks, for testing dye formulas and making small projects.By altering the amount of Wilton gel and other food colors, you can make pastels. You can use the same process to try to get a green (by merging the yellow and blue), but since there is a green in the Wilton food coloring set, I used green as my color next to the yellow.
Yes, I have a thrift store microwave for dyeing only…But, if you are using food or plant dyes, they are safe to use in the microwave and the food dyes generally wipe off.

This entry was posted in How To and tagged dyeing yarn, dyeing yarn and fiber, dyeing yarn with food safe dyes, food coloring, food safe dye, hand painting DIY, how to dye sock yarn, how to dye yarn, how to dye yarn with food coloring, how to hand paint sock yarn, how to tie dye yarn with food coloring, sock yarn, sock yarn dyeing. See AmeriColor color charts with formulasGo from Wilton General Colors to Dye Your Yarn Home Page.
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