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The corners of our home are the most neglected space because of its awkward space specifications. Myrtle Sullivan grew up in Golden, CO and even as a teen she knew she wanted to be an Interior Designer. After living in London for 10 years, she went back to her hometown and opened her own interior design business.
When you are in a house with limited storage and floor space, you can definitely benefit from a Corner cabinets.

These corner curio cabinets’ attractive fixtures are available in different styles and designs. A curio cabinet can be a great addition to your living room, dining room or even your bedroom. So, if you have lesser space in your living room, you can still be as stylish if not more.Corner curios are elegant, stylish and their chic designs available that too in a wide price range is an added advantage. I think the ideal way out for yet another adorning quandary is making use of the Corner curio cabinet.

After graduation, she was accepted to the Interior Design School in London, where she got her diploma for Interior Design. You can use these cabinets to display your priceless collection, or you can use it for extra storage.Even though you can install and use corner cabinets in different corners of your home, corner cabinets are usually installed in the kitchen and in your bathroom because among others these places requires more storage for your knick-knacks.

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