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Dollhouse miniatures for sale,shelving plans for cargo trailer,orange brown wood stain - New On 2016>

Kensington Festival of Puppet homes (Kensington Dollshouse) since 1985, brings together collectors and professionals involved in miniature work. Left: Miniature fireplace - the product of Sue Cook, the master with 30 years of experience. Especially for the Kensington Festival has five masters of miniature teddy bears for sewing patchwork.
Right: Dishes for doll houses, which made Paul and Janet Braunhill of the company's "Country Treasures", is covered with this enamel and painted by hand.
On sale fully furnished dollhouses, furniture, dishes, towels, watches, food and other tiny things.

The company "Platts Mini Packages" more than a hundred years makes all sorts of miniature doll packaging for the goods. Right: To cover with miniature tables can be selected and jelly jelly, and half-eaten cake, and a beautiful cake, and even a complete set for a traditional Christmas dinner. From left: Susan Lee sewing for dolls shoes and handbags, observing the requirements for a style and materials. But in addition to the growing number of cufflink designs, the shop has also started selling a series of modern dollhouse furnishings. In the meantime, you can purchase these mod miniatures at their Etsy shop, Cufflinks Cowboy Boots.

He also recommends checking out the Ponoko forums for tutorials related to designing for lasercutting.

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